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Outsourced bookkeeping for busy businesses

Love it or hate it, bookkeeping is an integral part of running a business. We do it for many reasons.

We always say that there are two sides to accountancy, the traditional side, the boring bit, the processing of receipts and invoices and the strategic side, where the information will aid you in decision making within your business.

So traditional bookkeeping; all income and expenditure needs to be recorded, it also needs to be recorded within the correct nominal codes (headings or expense categories) bank accounts need to be balanced and VAT returns completed and submitted.

Are you aware of how much VAT you may need to pay at the end of the quarter? If you were up to date, you would be able to assess this throughout the quarter.

Since Making Tax Digital came into force, all VAT registered businesses need to submit VAT returns through digital software, something like QuickBooks or Xero. This means that the bookkeeping needs to also be on digital software, sometimes called Cloud Accounting.  

By completing your bookkeeping accurately and in a timely fashion this would help reduce the accountancy fees of your year end accounts.

You would also know at any given point, who still owed you money and how long for. Likewise, you would know who you owed money to and for how long.

Most cloud accounting software would have the ability to make chasing outstanding payments much easier. Thereby improving your cashflow but also helping you to act before it is too late.

Bookkeeping strategies to help your business grow

The strategic side, which is where we think it gets interesting, this is where it will help your business become more profitable and grow, should you want to.

By setting up your financial software to produce relevant data and processing the transactions in the correct way, this will help with your understanding how you are doing as a business.

Are you aware of how much your business is making per day, per week, month or year? Is this better than last year? Do you know the true profit margin on your different services or products? Are you pushing and selling the right things?

By bookkeeping in a strategic and timely way, the answers to these questions would be readily available.

With a recession looming, we have to ask are you bank ready? If the need to borrow arises, either for assets or cashflow, banks will want up to date financial information. Would you be able to provide this in the time needed? If you are up to date and accurate, then you are well on your way to being ready.      

The key for you as business owners is to decide where your time is best spent. Is this bookkeeping or delivering the products and services that you set up in business to do. No one sets up to do bookkeeping, unless of course you are an accountant or bookkeeper! And are you any good at it, will you actually cause more work. We do have clients that do a good bookkeeping job and we can provide access to a free bookkeeping course.  But then again, it is not for anyone.

You could of course employ a bookkeeper to work for you.

Bookkeeping services tailored to you

At Footprints Accountancy we are happy to do as much or as little as possible. We are happy to work alongside you and support where needed. We have a variety of situations for a variety of clients. For some we do it all, others are happy to do their own, for others it is a bit of mix where we help where needed.

Also, you are not locked into any services with Footprints Accountancy. You may need us to do more for a period of time and then you take it back in house. Or the opposite where you were doing it for yourselves, and the business has grown, and you need more time and freedom within the business and need Footprints to pick this up for you.

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Latest customer reviews
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Amazing! There aren't enough words to describe how brilliant Footprints are! Saved me and they're just so great. I can't recommend enough and I just can't put into a sentence anything that is worthy of explaining... how much these guys are worth! Honestly the things they do to help. The webinars, The training sessions, the advice. Please use Footprints if you want things done correctlyread more
Michael Houghton.
Michael Houghton.
17:18 25 Jul 23
We had fantastic training session on the basics of business accountancy. Julie certainly knows her stuff and made it really easy for us to follow.
Ben Curry
Ben Curry
16:19 06 Sep 22
Amazing team who are all a great help in all aspects of the service Footprints provide.Highly recommended
Carl Kennedy
Carl Kennedy
10:21 23 Aug 22
I’ve been with Footprints for seven years now from starting up my business. They are professional, courteous, friendly and efficient. Although I’ve had many offers and recommendations for other accountants I... wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere. Well done to all the team at more
Charlie Chesters
Charlie Chesters
22:23 26 Jun 20
Highly recommend Footprints. Not just an accountants who get the job done, but cares about your business and gives sound advice. They take the time to listen, lovely people to work with.
Ben Walker
Ben Walker
12:46 26 Jun 20
Footprints Accountancy were recommended to us by a friend a few years ago and that's when we transferred our business to them. We are extremely happy with all aspects of Footprints. Their efficiency is excellent... and the support provided by them is brilliant. Would highly recommend!read more
Sally Gawthorpe
Sally Gawthorpe
12:36 22 Jun 20
The support from Footprints team has always been fantastic, but during this period of Corona virus they have been just awesome. During the lockdown many accountants have closed and furloughed most of their staff.... And this is when the businesses have been in real need of support and advice. BUT Footprints made arrangements to continue working and providing support for businesses, sending information and advice sometimes even daily, replying emails and returning calls, so that no client is left alone. If you are looking for an accountant or are disappointed with yours, it is time to contact more
Janita Maaranen
Janita Maaranen
16:33 19 Jun 20
Have been with footprints now for a number of years and they have always provided excellent top class service.Throughout the covid 19 pandemic there help/guidance and support has been invaluable for helping us... through the maze of applying for business support grants and loans etc.I would recommend footprints accountancy to anyone in need of an accountant and may also be looking to grow their business at the same more
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher
15:34 19 Jun 20
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