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At Footprints, our values and beliefs are also reflected in the work we do.

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Our Christian ethos

Julie, our accountancy owner, is a Christian who believes the morals and virtues instilled in Christianity can be applied everywhere — including the workplace.
Hence, as a company we pride ourselves on ethical business practice, giving back to the community, and going above and beyond to maintain both great results and relationships with our many clients.

Below are some kind words from members of local churches who have shared their experience with our team:
"As well as being a priest in the Church of England, I have also owned and managed a number of SMEs over my career. I therefore recognise the risks and rewards of going into business either on your own or as a partner, sole trader or Limited Company.

In Luke’s Gospel; 24:13-35, Luke tells us the story of two disciples journeying together, feeling sorry for themselves as their whole world falls apart in front of them. Jesus engages with them and walks alongside offering wisdom and a gentle pastoral hand lifting their spirits, allowing them to re-evaluate their vision.

I see “Footprints Accountancy” in Luke’s Gospel reading, walking the rough terrain with a client, offering wisdom and a gentle pastoral hand which will lift ones spirit, and help you re-evaluate your vision.

As the legendary “Footprints” poem says, when there is only one set of footprints in the sand, you can be assured those were made by one of the excellent staff members at “Footprints Accountancy” while carrying you through the tough times.

Thank you to everyone at “Footprints Accountancy” for making the world of finance and commerce a congenial journey."
David Walker
Reverend, St Andrew’s Community Church
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