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Accountants Giving Back

Let’s be honest, we are busy bees, we work hard and thankfully achieve some rewards. But we also know that we are blessed, we are aware that not everyone gets the same opportunities in life.

So, we try to give a bit back. We have been involved in the following local and global events:

Africa's Gift

Some of us were due to go to Lesotho in Africa in March 2020 to work alongside women and children to introduce and gift the Wonderbag.

Millions of women and children die each year from smoke inhalation in the way that they cook. The Wonderbag will prevent this, save lives and even give women their lives and time back as they would no longer need to spend all day cooking.

A single Wonderbag, when used for one year can: “Reduce carbon emissions by 1 Ton, Reduce deforestation saving 1.7 trees, Conserve 1,000 litres of cooking water, reduce indoor air pollution by 60%, reduce time poverty, giving back 1,465 hours per year.”

We are pleased to say that with the help of our clients, suppliers and connections, we have raised sponsorship to supply 58 Wonderbags, changing the lives of 58 families.

Due to Covid, these went on to Lesotho without us.

However, Julie was finally lucky enough to go in April 22. Again, due to covid she went on her own. This was many things from a little bit scary, challenging, thought provoking and soul searching.

The visit included many visits to projects that Africa’s Gift are running, the teaching farms, production of the eco bag and the children’s computer club and library.

Julie has now become a Trustee and Director of Africa’s gift and Eternal Flame.

Chris Lubbe Storytelling Evening

In August 2019 we went on a cruise to Norway to celebrate Lorna’s big birthday!!! Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard was on board giving talks about his life. This was both soul searching and mesmerising and we felt compelled to bring him to talk to our clients, suppliers and connections.

So bizarrely, we were lucky enough to hold a storytelling evening with Chris Lubbe, UNICEF Children’s Ambassador in December 2019.

Chris is an amazing storyteller who shares stories from his past to inspire hope and courage. Chris is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers trusted by global brands to deliver presentations and inspire teams to become their best. Apart from sharing his own personal story, Chris shared from the many important lessons and anecdotes that he learned from working with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

The evening was held in aid of Africa’s Gift.

Sheffield Hallam University Enterprise Division

We have supported the students and graduates at Hallam University in the past. The students were either in business or were thinking about going into business. We helped to critique and develop their business plans and gave advice on business structure, accounts, tax, VAT and payroll.

Self-employment workshops

We are great believers in getting people working. Our Managing Director has been working since the age of 13 and doesn’t know any other way. Although we understand that some people find it harder than others to find work. For some, self-employment is the only option. We have delivered our self-employment workshops in prisons and at probation services around the country.

Mission Christmas

We are proud to have supported Hallam FM’s Mission Christmas on multiple occasions. A big thank you to our clients and connections who support us in donating gifts to children across South Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Due to this great charity, in 2021, more than 17,000 children across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire woke up to a gift last Christmas.

Archer Project

The Cathedral Archer Project is a place where people can change their lives for the better. They believe that life should be rewarding and enjoyable and that homelessness is neither.

We felt the need to do something, and we purchased a years supply of porridge. It really is quite amazing what a big difference a small contribution can make to so many.

If you would like to get involved, you can find more information at their website:


We understand that our children are very lucky, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. However, we felt the need to do something for a child less fortunate. We therefore pay for our sponsored daughter Hilda to go to boarding school in Lesotho. This ensures that she gets an education but also food and clothing. We are in constant contact with her Mother in Lesotho for regular updates and to provide emotional support to her too.

New Hope Foodbank

Following the start of the pandemic in March 2020 we started to collect for New Hope Food Bank. They provide emergency food to individuals and families who are in short term crisis. We are pleased to say that we will continue to support them for the foreseeable future. If you would like to get involved? Check out New Hope Food Bank here.

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