Growth Programme

Following the withdrawal of Government funding, we have devised our own Growth Programme.

Footprints are proud to have been one of the few businesses coaches approved on all 3 GrowthAccelerator themes for the government backed GrowthAccelerator programme. We have helped many businesses develop and grow over the last 3 years.

Our Growth Programme is designed to help ambitious businesses achieve high, sustainable and rapid growth.

We look at where you want to be in three years, work out how you are going to get there, spot the obstacles and barriers to growth and find ways to solve them.

Depending on what stage your company is currently at, we can assist with:
  1. Attracting the right funding for your business
  2. Developing new products and services
  3. Accessing finance for expansion
  4. Bringing scale to your business
  5. Entering new markets
  6. Accessing finance for acquisitions

The programme runs over 6 months, although it can be carried out quicker should your situation dictate this.

Throughout this time we will breakdown all the elements of your business by unravelling what you do and why, across which markets and product lines and what support you have within the team – both from employees and outside offices.

Once we’ve dissected this and pieced it back together you will be in a position to set the strategy for the next 3 years.


If you think maybe our Growth Programme is not the right path for you at this moment, we also offer our Business Support Programme for a lower cost.